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Wolfgang Zimmermann. Rudolf Dobesberger. Vytautas Kielaitis. Andrea Sittig-Kramer.

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Werner Sahm. Helmut Schnieder. Gilbert Reibnegger. Johannes Schiehsl. Mario Essner. Benjamin Ohnmacht. Uwe Braasch. Markus Kohl. Fernsehserien : Ohjee, das Fernsehkind.

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Gespritzter Weisswein: Hallo anonyme Alkoholiker jetzt wohl nicht mehr so anonym. Aber nein, als ich das hier einmal bestellt habe und es dem Kellner beschrieben habe, hat mich der nur komisch gemuster. Ich hab dann doch einfach ein Bier bestellt. Living abroad means for many people living their dream. Life is new, exciting and challenging from time to time. But no matter how great life abroad is, there are always some things that you will miss from your home country. So this is my list - 8 things that I miss about Switzerland:.

source url Yogurts — truth to be told — are one of the main things I miss here. BUT, did you ever see yogurt with chocolate or cacao flavor? Well, me either. Here you can only get the fruity yogurts, the Activia ones, that are tiny and way too expensive. At least here! Can't wait for my next visit at home!! But the latino culture teaches me to take things a little easier. Chocolate Frey : Shame on me, we have so many famous and high-quality chocolate brands back home and I miss the cheapest one.

warmes Mittagessen

So, if anyone wants to send me Frey chocolate, feel free, you will make me very, very happy!! Centrality : In Switzerland everything is really close — you can cross the whole country within 4,5 hours. Besides that Switzerland is in the heart of Europe which makes traveling really easy and affordable.

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  4. A weekend in Paris? No problem! A shopping trip to Milano? Here in Canada, traveling is much more difficult and expensive. The distances here are sometimes hard to cope with if you are from such a small country as Switzerland. Sausages : Haha okay that sounds really weird but as you probably know Switzerland and especially Germany are really famous for their sausages. I think I have to bring some of them next time I go home. Let me think of something that is not related to food. Europe just has some brands and shops that I really miss here, for example Vero Moda.

    You can get some brands from Vero Moda in Vancouver but they are definitely overprized. Or shoes!! Omg, I always buy my shoes in Europe, sorry Canada, but hands up for the European shoes!! Who is with me here?

    Nicos Weg – A1 – Ganzer Film

    Want to get some examples? Okay, now I lost all the respect from you, haha. While I was thinking about the things that I miss about Switzerland I realized how similar the two countries are in certain aspects! I will definitely write about that one day.