E-Government Survey 2012: E-Government for the People

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It serves as a tool for decision-makers to identify their areas of strength and challenges in e-government and to guide e-government policies and strategies.

The publication also highlights emerging e-government trends, issues and innovative practices, as well as challenges and opportunities of e-government development. The Survey is intended for government officials, academics, intergovernmental institutions, civil society organisations, the private sector and citizens at large.

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Subscribe to the RSS feed. On the other hand, the other three factors of e-service marketing efficiency, compulsory e-service use and public staff assistance in regards the transformation of e-service were not identified as significant in terms of their influence on the intention to adopt the ongoing use of eGovernment websites among citizens in the Jordanian context indicating some issues that challenge the eGovernment success.

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For eGovernment websites continued usage to be efficacious, several facilitating and supporting conditions are vital, including technical and managerial sustenance, as well as supporting policies and regulations that put eGovernment websites into the compulsory utilisation, which requires all the other affecting factors to be in line with facilitating such compulsory orientation. Many studies have been done on exploring the factors that affect the initial adoption of eGovernment websites; however —and up to the author knowledge — this is the first study that explore the second stage of the adoption process, namely, continued use in the context of a developing country such as Jordan.

This work will therefore provide a contribution to the eGovernment literature in specific relation to continued use.

UN E-Government Development Index

This will be done through taking into account all five of these factors. Nawafleh, S.

UN E-Government Survey 2012

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United Nations E-Government Survey 2012: E-Government for the People

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