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Learn a useful expression for talking about really tall things. A phrase to describe when a person is asking for something impossible.

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Learn how to use it in Today's phrase. This expression has nothing to do with the sun. But it might be useful when you're hungry.

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Have you ever pushed a broken-down car before? This phrase isn't actually about cars. Learn the usage.

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Are you frustrated that all your papers are in a big pile and you can't find anything? Well, just file them away. What do you do if you want to ask someone to pay attention to something? You can 'flag it up'. Have you ever thought not living on earth?

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Learn a phrase to say that someone is absent-minded. Have you ever been caught in heavy rain without an umbrella? Learn a phrase which means 'to be very wet'.

Don't you feel that bad things tend to happen at the same time? Here is an expression help you. I prefer to be more active.

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Where does the expression ‘for all the tea in China’ come from? - The Saturday Briefing

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Popular Searches. Here's a list of the sites that I'm currently working on: reverse dictionary is a website that allows you to find words based on their definition. In other words, it turns sentences or phrases into words. He was also responsible for finding tea-makers and convincing them to go to India in order to grow tea for the East India Company. He was, ultimately, successful.

all the tea in china

Also of interest, though, are the descriptions of the economic goings-on, the botanical innovations of the time, and the history that evolved out of these activities. The fact that England provided China with opium, for instance, was a fascinating realization to me. They actually fought wars over the stuff! And Mr. Fortune, in addition to bringing tea to India, was also responsible for bringing countless other types of still-popular flora to the Western world.