Partizipation in der Kinder und Jugendhilfe (German Edition)

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The Aussiedler immigrants are officially considered as of ethnic German origin and receive German citizenship upon arrival. Their first language, however, is often Russian or Polish, rather than German. Cortina et al. Wagner and Justin J. Texte zur Konstruktion einer sozialen Rolle und zur Lebenssituation betroffener Menschen.

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FIAB ed. Wilfried Bos et al. Katharina Spiess et al.

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Kurt Schwippert et al. In the area of mathematics they were only able to calculate basic additions, but not subtraction and multiplication. Bade and Michael Bommes eds. Grundfragen und Problembereiche [Migration—Integration—Education. Changing between different school tracks is possible from the beginning until the end of secondary education and about one in five students does change. The number of Turkish citizens is ,, a third of the total Turkish population in Germany.

There is a dramatic change, however, when it comes to vocational training. First generation refers to Turks who immigrated before and were at least 20 years old at that time.


Second generation are Turks who were either born in Germany or immigrated before the age of 4 and therefore still had time to learn German in kindergarten before school enrollment. For theoretical discussions on reasons for this see e. Robert Erikson and Jan O. Jonsson eds. Alba et al. Wagner et al. In a survey on language usage, children at primary schools in the city of Hamburg were asked about the languages spoken in their families. Andreas Helmke and Hans H. Kristen and Granato , p. Von Below , p. Hans Vermeulen and Joel Perlmann eds.

Does Culture make a Difference? London: MacMillan Press Ltd. Typically mother tongue instruction ranges from 2 to 5 hours per week, usually given in the afternoon. With the exception of the regional state of Hessen, attendance is voluntary and not always possible, if there are too few students of the respective language group.

Innovatives Projekt für Systemsprenger in der Jugendhilfe

There are no federal statistics about how many Turkish pupils attend lessons in Turkish in Germany. One surprising result was that beside migrant children, a share of German children also did not have sufficient command of German. Was leisten Stiftungen in Deutschland, um Kinder und Jugendliche mit Migrationshintergrund in das Bildungssystem zu integrieren? Skip to Main Content. Jugend in der Krise. Ohmacht der Institutionen Ergebnisse und Perspektiven der Forschung Gewalt an Schulen. Oktober Neonazismus und rechte Subkultur Fremdenfeindlichkeit und Gewalt in Deutschland.

Positionen, Analysen, Kommentare zu den zehn wichtigsten gesellschaftspolitischen Fragen Immer dazwischen. Fremdenfeindliche Gewalt und die Rolle der Polizei Rechtsradikale Gewalt im vereinigten Deutschland. Jugend im gesellschaftlichen Umbruch Aggression und Gewalt Deutscher Soziologentag.

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  4. Sektionen, Arbeits- und Ad hoc-Gruppen, 2 Aktion Jugendschutz Baden-Wuerttemberg, Jugendschutztag Eine Dokumentation zum Stand der Sozialwissenschaftlichen Forschung seit Gegen Aggression und Gewalt. Ein Lesebuch, 2 Verhandlungen des Jugendbericht Ed.

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    Zur Pluralisierung und Individualisierung der Jugendphase. Jugend - Staat - Gewalt.

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