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People with no formal education background also work as Home Health Aides. However, like in any other competitive job, having some formal educational background such as a high school diploma or GED serves to benefit you while applying.

While the requirements for formal education for HHAs are pretty clear, it is not the same for training. Home Health Aide training is needed to acquire the skills to perform the duties properly. HHA Training helps you to learn about actual client setting and requirements.

Training requirements are different depending upon your work setting , location , employer and a combination of the three. Detailed salary related information can be found here and Federal requirements include minimum number of hour of classroom training and clinical training.

7 Steps For The Best Home Health Aide Training

For most states, the requirement is 75 hours of training including 16 hours of clinical experience. For example, the state of Alaska mandates that home health training requirements include minimum of hours of training including 80 hours of clinical training. We have documented detailed state level training requirements for HHAs here. Click on the map below to find out more. For example, the state of Colorado differentiates between different health aides services and particularly, for skilled services such as providing wound care to patients in a home setting require certification as a nurse aide CNA.

On the other hand the state of Delaware does not license Home Health Aides and therefore, provides various alternatives on ways to work as a home health aides for example, experience as a nurse, completion of a HHA course or being a nursing student. Therefore, it is important for you to learn about the State specific home health aide training requirements before you enroll into a training program.


Proper understanding of the state level requirements will also help you in asking the right questions to HHA Agencies. For example, many agencies have their own training programs. While approaching them you could clarify if they meet the state specific requirements or federal requirements. We have compiled listing of state specific home health aide training requirements, approved training programs and HHA Agencies. Once you have made a decision to become a home health aide, it is likely that you will work for a Home Health Agency.

Home Health Aide Training Manual And Handbook by Jane John-Nwankwo

For those of you who are just starting out on this path, a Home Health Agency provides home health services to clients. These services include personal care, home health and sometimes even nursing services. They are typically licensed and regulated. Some agencies have more stringent home health aide training requirements than others. For example, some agencies may require you to have CPR training or training for dealing with specific clients such as those with dementia. Therefore, the best way to go about this is to contact the agencies and ask if they have any specific requirements in addition to the state or federal requirements.

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This is one of the most common way to obtain training to become a home health aide. Perhaps the most cost effective too. Generally, an agency may offer free HHA training to students and may also offer job placement opportunities after the training is complete. This may involve that you may have to work for the same agency for some time after your training is complete. This tends to be a little more costly. However, this can help you more in the long term if the home health aide training has been completed at a reputed school.

Refer to the state specific pages to learn more about approved schools for HHA training. By clicking the US map above you can learn more about the state approved training programs. A more recent addition to the home health aide training options, online programs afford you the flexibility of training from a home setting. Given that most state require minimum number of clinical training, some of these online schools have a provision of in-person clinical training too.

Sometimes organisations such as YWCAs also provide training to become a home health aide. The programs for the training of home health aides is more or less standardized. However, on occasions where you have also enrolled into more specialized training such as dementia training, you still need to consider a few factors while selecting the right program.

One of the key considerations you need to keep in mind is where you wish to work as a home health aide. This decision could apply to a work setting such as self-employment or working for a certified home health aide agency. The state where you are located would also be one of the factors of consideration. For example, if you are planning to move to the state of New York, it is always better to obtain home health aide training from a HHA Agency or a school that is recognized in the local market.

Following are the key factors to keep in mind when selecting the right school or home health aide training program.

When you have selected a school, it is always a good idea to ask them directly if they are accredited. They should be able to answer that and be able to support that answer with relevant information too. You could also on your own verify the status of a school by looking them up in the following directory. The cost of the program depends on where you get your training from. For example, in some states programs are more expensive than other such as New York.

BPSS Curriculum Guideline: Home Health Aide

On the other hand, there are avenues by which you could obtain training for free. For example, many HHA Agencies provide training for free. In the middle of this price range, you have online schools that provide training at very affordable costs. Check out the online training page for more details. Being a caregiver can pose many challenges, and we hope you find these articles useful.

Learn about obtaining a home health aide HHA , how a home attendant can help, and other issues pertaining to senior care. Transitioning from full independence in your life to requiring home health care is experienced differently for everyone depending on age, living arrangements, health status, and personal preference. To make sure every patient receives services that best suit their needs, licensed home care service agencies like Edison Home Health Care involve primary care physicians and other […].

Neurons, the. Edison Cares. Edison Home Health Care is dedicated to giving back to the community and to being a good citizen. Through Edison Cares , Edison maintains a yearly staff fundraiser for a charitable cause that is matched by the company. Edison also participates in community events, and sponsors other charitable and positive events and causes. Our fundraiser to support the future scholars of Mott Hall Bridges Academy was an amazing success. With the raised funds, we were were able to provide book-bags loaded with school supplies, plenty of school supplies for the school, a 3D [ Leefer discussed best practices about over-the-phone conduct with patients and their family members, important topics on sensitivity […].

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The Home Health Aide Textbook: Home Care Principles

We have numerous convenient office locations throughout New York State. Here is a list of our locations:. Being welcomed into someone's home, surrounding by everyone and everything that makes this person tick, and being asked to care for this person requires a big heart. This book shares with you the tools necessary to become an in-home caregiver, giving you detailed descriptions and anecdotes on everything this path will entail.

By Walshy on Aug 16, Anyone with a heart to help and rehabilitate people in their home should read this book!

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The author covers so many areas that I would never have thought of. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to make a difference in peoples lives in their own homes! By Mama on Aug 30, I was once told that a good teacher makes things easy to understand. This author is a great teacher!

The book is so easy to understand, unlike some text books.

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The clear simple language in this book makes it so anyone who can read would be able to read and understand the book. It covers all things HHA related and gives the user a good idea of what they will be doing in the profession of a HHA. I would recommend this book to anyone with desire to become a HHA.