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We spoke with Felix via Gchat about how T.

Character Analysis

The following conversation has been gently massaged for clarity. JOE: Cards on the table: this was my first time reading this book. I think I tried, several times, as a younger person, and never made it past the falconry bit. JOE: Only, in my youth, a dreadfully short attention span. But Felix, what was your relationship with this book like? The thing with the unicorn is quite disturbing even for an adult reader. I read him some of the set-pieces where the Wart gets turned into a fish or a bird.

He liked those. JOE: Would you say this is what started you down the dark road to becoming a fantasy novelist yourself? So you read it as a very young child in its entirety. How did you feel about it? It clearly left an impression. Were there certain characters you attached to, themes you cared about, episodes that stayed with you?

I may actually have liked the sadness as a child too, I was that sort of child.

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Now that I think about it, the unicorn scene reminds me a lot of Narnia where Aslan is shorn and tied up. There may be some Christ metaphors in the unicorn thing here too. I love the way White tells the Grail story through the worldly knights coming back and grumbling about how awful Galahad is to be around.

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What else appealed to you about the book? I wonder if those jumps between old age and childhood are doing something similar. And the allusions to Tristan and Isolde would have been the right time period.

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JOE: White refuses to commit to a time period until pretty close to the end, and I love that. This is part of the anti-Celtic stuff about which the less said the better perhaps. JOE: Yes, the anti-Celtic stuff is one of the few really troubling notes. JOHANNAH: There might be some shuttling between setting Arthur in the 6th century, when he was supposed to have lived historically, and the 12th century, when he was written about.

Not that Arthur succeeds in the frame of the story either.

When he went back and revised it he stuck in more war-focused stuff. Tolkein and White are both full of small-c conservative sentiment for the past, which one can sympathize with when you think what the future must have looked like in JOE: In addition to small-c conservative, the book also struck me as definitively and endearingly English. Johannah, you mentioned Aslan above and it reminded me that one of the things I like about this book is the portrayal of Christianity.

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It was true in its beginnings, he says, but social mores or prejudices got in the way. In , girls at the Presbyterian Ladies College were asking to be allowed to form a team and there are reports of a game being played in Melbourne in Lucas Textiles girls at Ballarat.

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